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Our e-learning module provides a sound overview of the German general equal treatment act (AGG) and explains the legal requirements against discrimination in a practical way.

content put together by subject matter experts

accessible learning concept

practical orientation with authentic examples

interactive tasks, questions and final test

about 60 minutes learning time

The AGG – more important than ever.

Every employee counts. A non-discriminatory working environment is not only a legal requirement, but also the basis for long-term working relationships, good productivity and satisfied employees.

… of employees
have experienced discrimination.

… complain about
the lack of awareness of complaints centres.

… of job adverts contain a risk of discrimination.

… of people in Germany do not
know the AGG.

Explanatory video from the web-based training „General Equal Treatment Act“ by LESSON CREW

Do you know the AGG?

The General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) is the most important law in Germany against discrimination, insults and sexual harassment in the workplace.

What is the AGG?

The General Equal Treatment Act is a German law against discrimination. It protects the categories of ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age and sexual identity. The AGG also protects against insults based on the aforementioned characteristics and sexual harassment in the workplace.

What obligations does the AGG impose on companies?

Companies are obliged to prevent discrimination and to take appropriate measures in the event of complaints. Among other things, they must set up a complaints office and provide information about it. The law also requires preventative and immediate measures against discrimination. No discriminatory criteria may be used in job advertisements. Every allegation must be investigated and responded to. These are just a few examples.

What are the consequences of a violation of the AGG?

If the AGG is violated, companies can expect claims for damages and compensation payments. This can also lead to reputational damage and a deterioration in the working atmosphere. In serious cases, consequences under labour law are also possible.

How often does a company have to offer AGG training?

The law does not stipulate a specific frequency for AGG training. Many companies offer annual training courses. In any case, it is advisable to hold regular training sessions to raise awareness of the topic and minimise legal risks.

What you can expect in our training

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